RX 560 Mining ERGO

Hi Everyone

I got my hands on 5 x Asus Strix RX 560’s and 1 x MSI RX 470

All 4GB Cards, since they can’t do ETH, I was thinking Ergo

Can you please share your settings for best possible power consumption / performance

See below


I made Bios Mod on my RX 560 Biostar (it appears as RX 460 on HiveOS, I don’t know why), and I got the following hashs:

The OC data I’m using i took from the core clock / VDD table presented on Polaris Bio Editor… I also noticed that after bios mod the memory clock rose from 2000 mhz to 2300 mhz (see below):

As I am in Brazil, mine core temperature is higher, but I belive that’s influence of ambient temp.
I am still doing some tests on it if you try different things or get different results, please, let me know.