RX 5600 XT's different watts?

Trying to understand why the variance in wattage across the cards?

It’s fail. big fail

Mem clock - FAIL

What is the recommended for these settings?

Changing MVDD to blank and reducing the Mem Clock to 1200 does nothing. Same hashrate but total wattage drops from 611w to 587w. So curious what the recommendation is for these settings.

Linux world operates different values instead Windows

Default mem clock on Linux is 875 MHz which equal to 1750 MHz (effective mem clock) at Windows
MVDD default values is 1350 mV

Incorrect values are fortunately not being applied otherwise they would have damaged cards, but still the result is completely different from what was expected.

Thanks for the feedback. Changed the Mem Clock to 875 (previously 1200) and not much difference, I guess total wattage has gone down some more (about 60w less).

I’ll keep playing around with the settings.

You have Micron memory so can try set at least 900 to get higher hashrate. If Ok then try 910-920-930
check voltages by amd-info command
try 725 mV core (VDDC) and VDDCI

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Hi. It looks like inestability. This happens frecuently when you apply a new oc config without a hard restart. Rebooting rig from hard switch off button works fine for me.

Update to this: Using the following clocks with the RedPanda 5700 bios i’m able to get 43mh/s stable with Gigabyte 5600’s and PowerColor 5600.

Core: 1100
VDD: 680
VDDCI: 800
MVDD: 1300
Mem: 910