Rx 5700 xt 60mh/s rx 5600 xt 48.15mh/s with -openclLocalWork 128

is anyone know about this command -openclLocalWork 128 and how crazy is that?

Look, i got 48.45mh/s in rx5600 xt and 60mh/s in rx5700 xt unfortunately is not look stable :frowning:

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This bullshit is already almost a year old. Using this parameter leads to hardware errors and instead of pretty numbers you get much less output. There is nothing to discuss

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See further information at Pheonix miner Invalid Shares

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It’s better to run stable than Mhash/sec

Base on my experience, I avoid the Phoenix miner. I am now using the Red Team Miner, I see the real hash rate report, I am getting a lower power consumption (surprising), and the rig is more stable.

I love TRM and have been using it since the days when it was called tdxminer.

when I switch from phoenix to teamred my hashrate drops 1,5 mhash per card. are there any commands that i need to set to get the same hashrate?

Phoenix has faked hashrate
Look to hashrate on pool instead hashrate reported by miner

@CryptoMining Read the thread. Phoenix gives fake hash.

i give it a try… i mined with teamred for 2 days and my average hashrate was 3,5% below reported…thats ok i think. yesterday i started phoenix again to compare…
54 mhash with teamred @ 70w actually. only 1 mhash lower than phoenix, not 1,5

phoenix just released 5.2c and supports amd driver 20.20
whats the latest supported driver teamred supports? i already installed 20.30 and 20.40 but phoenix only supports up to 20.20

OK…I now got the results. check yourself:

and Phoenix:

So TRM has it´s average Pool Speed closer to reported speed (-3,64% vs. -4,4 %) , but Phoenix still has 1 Mhash more at the pool (104,5 vs 105,5). Valid shares per 24hours are 2206 va 2240, so that´s more than 1 % boost. I think I will stay at Phoenix.
Do you have other results? Or why to you think TR is better for a 5700 card?

I also use PhoneixMiner. I also want to know which is the best eth miner.

@igotek I switched from Phoenix to RTM, which draws less power, more stability, and gives me a real hash at the pool. I don’t like the idea that the miner is reporting a fake hash rates.