RX 5700xt Bios MOD needed for better hashrates?

Hello guys,

For you guys using 5700xt, did you modded the Bios or just the overclocks?

I got 2x 5700xt pulse for a good price and I’m starting to test them and I’m getting 53MHs in ETH with stock Bios:

1300 core
800 VDD
925 Mem

What are you using?


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Edit bios you will got about 55-57 Mhs

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I’ve edited the straps to 1500 and I’m getting 55.

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Please, how can I edit the bios? Thank you if you answer me. I need help, please.

use Red BIOS Editor

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thanks bro for the answer, but can you give me your parameters to change? even if you take a screenshot, please. Thank you


I can’t do more than 53 mh, but do you have a screen or Red Bios Editor guide to edit the Bios?

Will this work tje same in hiveos?

yes for all