RX 6600 XT - unable to prepare kernels: clCreatekernel (-46) + autoreboot


I have a problem with my RX 6600 XT.
When I want to mine with Phoenixminer 5.9, I have this error (same problem with older version of Phoenixminer) :

I have tried :

  • New install with the latest version of HiveOS (0.6-212@211125) => same
  • ethminer => failed to load binary kernel ( screen here )
  • Bminer => CudaError ( Screen here )

I have this problem with this card on two different RIG.
Actually, my GC is plugged directly on the motherboard of my test environment.

Anyone have already encountered this problem?
I can’t find anything on the forum about this :confused:

I facing the same issue with RX6700 xt. If you find any answer please let me know

Hab eben auch ewig versucht.

Lösung des Problems: Einfach Phoenix auf 5.8c stellen

Thanks for your help, but I have exactly the same problem on 5.8c version :confused: