Rx 6800 does it support this card

I need it too… but more important, do they have a time frame to when with will be deployed?

I need to make a decision where my new rigs are going… and probably I’m goin to take it without this info…

I also have some RX 6800s waiting for action… Having them work in Hive OS will make life much easier and my workspace less cluttered.

From the Discord channel, seem like 6800 will be in this week release


fingers crossed. I have 2 of these and the sit beautifully in their boxes…

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I need it too … :worried:

Solution here :

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I mined with my 6800xt on Windows and Phoenix 5.5c and got 64,7MH/s with these settings: Core 1200Mhz, Mem 2150Mhz, Fast timings and Fan min @50%. Mem temp was stable at max 80C.

did work but…

when i use the windows settings (mem 2150MHZ) the 5600’s drop the hashrate (they are mem = 930) i thinks its causing conflict

what set are you using for the 6800?

EDIT: nevermind DID WORK

just with Phoenix 5.4b alright and the image

guys it’s working too on the 0.6-199@210218 image now

my settings for the rx 6800 non XT is

cc 1275
v 890/0/1310
mem 1075

Where do you get that image?

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Not really…
I guess you can update the alpha iso to 0.6-199@210218.
But from what I know, you still need the KERNEL from the alpha (5.10.0-hiveos-next) image to make 6800 working.
The release kernel (5.0.21-201105-hiveos) still not support this card…

MUST BE… :wink:

Alpha is working fine for me (2 x 6800xt). Had to upgrade to 8GB RAM then all good.

Can you tell the settings you re using?

Using TeamRed miner, pretty much everything default.

I have same version of hive but my 6800xt doesn’t working on this version
how you did it?

I didn’t do anything special. Just flashed the alpha version linked above to a SSD and it started working. Note: you need 8GB RAM (system RAM, not video RAM)

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Read this topic again please, you don’t have the required kernel on your system

Check the screenshot in post gain, belantaioba had 5.4.0 kernel and his 6800xt appear in that screenshot.