Rx 6800 does it support this card

I didn’t do anything special. Just flashed the alpha version linked above to a SSD and it started working. Note: you need 8GB RAM (system RAM, not video RAM)

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Read this topic again please, you don’t have the required kernel on your system

Check the screenshot in post gain, belantaioba had 5.4.0 kernel and his 6800xt appear in that screenshot.

Not working for me with latest and beta version even with 8GB ram. Damn it!!! Back to Windows for me. How do i change the kernel?

You must download Alpha image no beta on main site

Friend if you are interested follow this topic I will send updated!

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To anyone coming in now to ask if Hive supports Big Navi cards:

For Big Navi cards, you need to have the Alpha version of Hive to get them to work. There are a couple of pre-requisites however:

(From HiveOS Discord https://discord.gg/nrsFcvbn)

  1. Minimum 8GB RAM required.
  2. Voltage regulation is currently not supported. only CORE and MEM are adjustable as of yet.
  3. Mixing Nvidia GPUs with this build is currently NOT SUPPORTED. AMD only.

Alpha build: http://download5.hiveos.farm/test_images/hiveos-0.6-195-hiveos-next%40210202.img.xz

You can either download the build and flash it with i.e. balenaEtcher, or you can hive-replace an existing hive installation.

SSH in / Hive Shell and run the following;

hive-replace -y http://download5.hiveos.farm/test_images/hiveos-0.6-195-hiveos-next%40210202.img.xz

Or, you can wait until the Beta goes live, which I have heard is sometime in the next week. Should have greater support for voltages, as well as mixed systems.


I think I’ll wait for the beta, thanks for the update!

I know that the kernel is labelled 5.4.0 on the screenshot, but it’s not the one in the stable release. This kernel is an alpha one that allow to use RX6800 GPUs WITH Nvidia too. This is not possible with 5.10.0-next which don’t support brand mix on a RIG.
I know this because I too have the special 5.4.0 kernel :wink:

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Same here, I need to run other GPUs with my 6000 series cards and stability and efficiency is important…

Farei o teste hoje, para tentar minerar no Windows , faz dois dias que estou tentar minerar sem êxito no hiveos qualquer dúvida perguntarei algo, obrigado pelo post

Using a 6800XT with Alpha code and then upgraded to latest version.

Working with teamredminer. 1st attempt failed but I forgot to upgrade to 8GB RAM.

Using setting someone posted above.

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Anyone know how long until these things start getting supported fully? I’m looking to run a mixed rig of 30 series and 6000 series.

Guys, i’m in a special Beta Image that allows use Rx 6xxx and RTX. Have to talk to the Hiveos team on discord

hi. how did you upgraded alpha to last version ?

Through the shell using selfupgrade command.
You could do it through the web interface as well selecting “Update To Latest Version”

I could go through more details of the step by step how it worked, many people are having problems with this model of plate, it would help the community a lot. :pray:

A version should come out publicly sometime this week or so. Don’t have an official ETA yet.

The Beta version that is available by contacting the dev within the Discord seems stable from the reports that I’ve heard. Which has been a quite a few users. Yet again, should be released to the wild in the next week or so.


Hi i need some

Could you please share your overclocking settings on hiveos? XFX 6800 XT