Rx580 micron 33.6 Mh Eth


Hi man,
I’m not an expert but im curious and I’ve the same type of memory(micron) in my cards but mine are Msi armour 8gb.
I’ve the current settings on hive:

Fan 65 / Core clock 1250 / dpm 4 / V 900 / Mem clock 2250 / mdpm 2 (or nothing it assume the max in some cases) / Ref 240

this at 82w per card on hive and I could reach between 33.5 and 33.7 Mh on claymore dual v14.7 mining ETH cards at 57 / 58° C

Good luck with the playing with settings everyone

Edit: 1d 5h mining 1 wrong share with the rx580 anyone have something that can improve this settings please? :grin:


nice buddy, I try your config on Phoenixminer I get 34Mhs per cards.

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Hi yes that’s true I just change it to phoenix and got good hashrates too :+1: