RX6600 not mining

Hi guys.

I’m in trouble with six RX6600 mining ETH. The specs are above. Sometimes i got gpu error, sometimes they dont mine. I’ve tested out with other hOS version, changed risers, changed PSU, OCs and more. Anyone with this error?

After a simple reboot:

can you provide a full screenshot of your hiveOS page? I would like to see what kind of motherboard, SSD, and kernel version and hive OS you are using.

At first glance I see, you have an error “GPU detected error, no temps” is it true?

your problem is the same as mine.

TeamRedMiner says GPU dead, NBMiner gets 7mhs - 29mhs. Sometimes the system reboots, sometimes looses LAN. Whats wrong? :grimacing:

use stable version,


and DONT UPDATE TO BETA VERSION if you dont uderstand about overclocking

your problem will solved

No go. The problem is missing drivers. This graphic only comes to market in october 13. Its the new RX6600.

hey any update on your rig? i seem to have all of the same errors with a whole 6600 rig ive built. 10 cards, more then enough power, bios was pretty straight forward on a biostar tb 360 btc 2.0. ive flipped through miners and it seems like one miner will either say card error or i can only get 8 cards running, crashes, ect.