Ryzen CPU Temperature Monitoring


It would appear that monitoring Ryzen CPU temperatures is not possible with the current HiveOS kernel. I realize the majority of people focus on GPU’s, but I do also mine ETN on my CPU and it makes me a bit nervous that the temp can’t be monitored. Is there any thought being given to a 4.11 based kernel with the Ryzen sensors modules included?


It’s been added now in 0.5-51.


To install the AMD Ryzen temperatures (k10temp kernel module), update to that version or later and SSH into the box or locally run the command:



I’ve installed this k10 install.sh mod - but when I run 8 instances, it shows as 8 temps, and then the second set of temps as 20C more. Can a person set a temp alert for GPU and one for CPU? Or is there a way to adjust the temp to drop the 20C variance?

I know it’s running at 65C, not 85C based on other monitoring, so it’s a software glitch on the second set of CryptoNight processes I use for SMP to fully use the processor up.

I’ve had this on 5.0-51 and 5.0-52.