Sapphire RX 570 8gb pulse

My question is, can i run it on 2300 mhz memory clock or should i set it back to 2150 mhz?
Thanks for answers!

If it will run at 2300 without crashing, it’s “probably okay”.

Sadly, HiveOS can’t tell you if the VRAM is kicking out a ton of errors at 2300 MHz.

If you want to KNOW if the settings you’re using are safe, you can install the card in WIndows, set the same voltages and overclocks, and run “HWINFO64” to see if the memory is accruing errors at that speed.

Here’s my Powercolor Red Devil RX480 being pushed a little too hard under “GPU Memory Errors”:

Thanks for your answere! I think i simply set it back to 2150 mhz. Thats will be fine i think.

You’re welcome!

can u pls post your overclocks?

Hey! Here are my oc settings!
You should look at the second and the third line