Security reminder



If you have received notifications about wrong password logins.

  • Yes, botnets are scanning
  • Yes, we block them but can’t do that with one click
  • No, we haven’t been hacked.

What is the best way to sleep well and keep your account safe?

  1. Don’t use vocabulary and simple passwords
  2. DON’T USE THE SAME PASSWORD AS ON THE THE OTHER SITE (like on forums, chats, etc.). These sites get hacked and then the hackers have login-password pairs which they try.
  3. Don’t use the same login as on the other sites. You can easily change it in your account.
  4. Don’t use the same password to your email as your password can be recovered if they have your email password.
  5. TURN ON 2FA. This is bulletproof.
  6. For calm down your paranoia you can set IP white list in your account (but be sure what you do, don’t do this on dynamic IPs).

Account hacked ... ETH and ETC Wallet changed