Server mining Rig - Only detecting two cards - Unable to enter bios -HELP!

Hey there, I purchased a server mining case from a non reputable seller (Doh!) and it is only detecting two GPUs. The seller is no help and I am unable to enter the bios to tinker. Using CLI in Hive OS I have discovered it is an Intel B85 mobo v5.51 bios but it does not appear that board is supported anymore and I am at a loss for what to do next.
Anyone else have any insight because my brain is spent.

What are the GPUs?

Try updating the Nvidia or AMD drivers, then reboot. If the problem persists, check your risers and power connections. I.e. you might have old drivers that doesn’t recognize newest GPUs.

If that doesn’t help and your having trouble, try logging in to your console and check if the GPUs are there:
lspci | grep NVIDIA
lspci | grep AMD