Setup Trex Miner on Hiveon Pool for Windows

Hello Everyone,

Looking for a guide or assistance to setup a bat file for Trex miner to operate on the Hiveon Pool. Have been searching for a few days and have had no luck.

I currently have two mining rigs, 6 cards each running on hiveos linux with Trex miner and love it! I have a gaming pc with an EVGA FTW3 3080 and want it to mine on hiveon pool when not gaming but have had no success.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you for your time!

Hello @Tolgadince, could you get the .bat file? I can’t make it work

Nothing yet, going to tinker around a bit more tonight. Keep you posted if I can figure it out.

Any luck on this? Seems I can’t get my windows rig to show up on the page even when its able to mine on Trex and get correct shares.