Short breaks while mining

I have a trex miner on hive pool (eth), mining was ok for about 3 months, but from some time i got this short breaks as you can see. Is there any log or anything to check and find the source of the problem? It is more often lately and Im losing like an hour of mining per day… Thanks for any suggestions

We are numerous to get this
I am in this case from yesterday 23PM GMT+2
Also got serious DNS problem to other site
Sound to be internet problems
got the holes at exact same points

I dont think it’s a connection problem. I have a very stable one, even better comparing to one I used at the beginning of mining. One interesting think I observed is that most of the breaks occurs in late evening/night hours

I didn’t indicate a personnal connection problem
It’s more like a global internet problem affecting more than one internet supplier
Google troubled, DNS also

I was getting the same issue with Ethash dead spots with LOLMiner.
I downgraded to V208 and it seemed to clear up the problem try that.

Not sure at all that miner is in cause
I did nothing on my farm and everything stable since last evening

I had the same problemem mining ETH with phoenixminer. I had even so many breaks that at one point the rig went offline and i had to manually restart it.
I tried many things, as changing the oc settings or changing the pool, but i still got breaks.
but about a week ago i just changed the miner version to one before the latest and since then i had no breaks or anything else!

I have to check it, in my case it’s getting worse ;/ A/R ratio is still ok (99,7%), but this breaks are little worrying

edit: I just checked the miner log and everything looks fine, theres no breaks or any other problems with mining…So Im assuming it’s some kind of a bug in hive os

Mine seems like it is back to normal.
Maybe they fixed something on their end.

Same here this last HiveOS update

I have similar thing that spots normally mean your miner was down and recovered it self ? it happens to me on trex at the ethermine pool.

No problems for two days now, I did not update anything, so maybe it was a miner problem or something… Im gonna check the trex version, maybe it is set to auto update

Got the same with lolminer and PhoenixMiner

Had the same issue with Trex + Ethermine over the past few weeks. Have not had a single dropout in the last 3 days so it seems to have fixed itself.