Significant diff bet Average and Reported Hashrate

Average Hashrate: 319.17 MH/s over 24hrs
Reported Hashrate: 397.52 MH/s over 24hrs

Both numbers have been similar for the last 5-6 days. Stale counts have been averaging about 1-2% on 24hr average. 99.97% with 4 rejected.

From reading several post and Hiveos support posts, somewhat difference is noted but my average and reported hashrate difference seem significant … only averaging 80%.

Is this normal or anything can be done to get this up?

Thanks in advance for sharing your comments.

It will even out in time. This is just for 24hrs time.

Thanks for the reply. And I wish that were the case…
But as you can see from my initial post, I noted that 24 hr average was seen over the last 5-6 days. That is averaging 80% for almost a whole week.

Actually, I tried net test and found a bit lower Ping and changed the url. So hopefully that will give me a better actual hashrate.

btw…I’m initial poster/dayoff (just recently joined and didn’t know I had my older account from the PC lol)

better ping is always good. usually it is responsible for the stale shares but still. i use the HiveOS pool and i am happy with the performance i get.