SoS. Need help setting mining rig

Please, help me with my mining rig…
The parts are :
Ryzen 5 2400G
MSI B450-A pro max
8GB RAM 2133
3x 009s risers powered by 6pin

2x Same Asus RTX 3060ti dual
1x RTX 2070

I have tried almost everything… The config I used in bios: PCIE chipsets to gen1,gen2, 4G decoding above enabled. UEFI, CSM off/on , disabling integrated graphics/enabling…

The rig starts normaly only on CSM enabled without cards only integrated graphics Vega. when I put 1 card in it, it boots but shows only Vega graphics. I put 2 3060ti, then the hiveos shows only 1 working (but with Vega also its disabled). When I plug all 3, only 1x 3060ti shows up and always shows up 2070, but second 3060ti is not showing (although the card shines)
I can only boot normaly with CSM enabled, with monitor I can see hiveos gui and all the numbers. If I try UEFI, then theres black screen and cant see anything… CHanging PCIE slots or risers or cables doesnt do anything

any suggestions? What I do wrong?

Witaj . Na twoim miejscu ponownie z flashowal bym pendrive czy dysk. Co tam uzywasz . Najlepiej zrobić to bellena .

Grafikę Integra włącz podłącz monitor pod nią . Wejdź do bios ustaw tak ja ma być zapisz . Powinien się uruchomić nie instaluj najnowszych sterowników do NVIDIA . U mnie pracują na 465.31 . Powinna pracować czy z csm czy uefi . Pozdrawiam