SSD not recognized after flashing Hiveos on to it

I just built a new rig that I want to use Hiveos on. I purchased a new SSD which was being recognized by my windows computer. However once I flashed Hiveos on to it, my computer no longer recognized it. I went into disk manager and it’s not showing up there anymore either. Has anyone had experience with this happening or have any suggestions on how to fix?

Is it appearing in the disk manager but not recognized or its not showing at all? As far as i remember i needed to manually mount the partition to some letter in order to appear in explorer and fix the configs.

Hello same problem on my Desktop PC with WIN10 on it.
On my laptop PC with WIN10, I can see the SSD…
Wondering what could go wrong with Windows ?
Strange stuff is that if I connect the SSD on the Desktop PC I can reuse the flash utility (Etcher) to instal the image. This one sees the external SSD.
Any strange config in WIN10 to enable the view of mounted drives ?

you are not viewing it because its unmounted. in the disk manager you should mount the drive that has the config files on it.

Thanks, but I try to plugout and plugin the device but win10 does not want to mount it (automatically). For a reason I do not know.

Its because the usb uses old partition you need to mount it with the disk manager

Ok and how do you explain the fact that it mounts automatically on my windows laptop ?

well windows is shit. just configure it and start mining .