Super Zero (SERO) MINING progpow?


Hello ,
how to mine SERO coin on AMD cards ?
On minerbabe its already posible for AMD
I use Hive, but do not want to change OS
Can someone help me ?


Mining SERO (Super Zero) will be avail in next (v0.6-56) update (select ethminer and set fork as “serominer”)


so v0,6-56 is here , but fork serominer isnt here. When will by applied this super zero fork ? thanks


Do you read this?



Yea, i read , but in etherminer isnt fork serominer, i dont look there. Pls check. Thanks


There nothing to check - all works. Update your browser page.


yea, thanks, its working now. its ok.


so i setting this new serominer , but on f2pool writing this error : Exception thrown in Worker thread: GPU error: CUDA error in func progpow_search at line 488 invalid argument X 20:45:40 cuda-4 Failed to compile ProgPoW kernel : CUDA NVRTC error in func compileProgPoWKernel at line 337 calling compileResult failed with error NVRTC_ERROR_INVALID_OPTION , pls can you help me ? thanks


please help, what’s the problem?


Your Tuning override Flight Sheet.
At Flight Sheet fork - serominer but Tuning set fork as ethash

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everything worked out thank you