Switch between different miners in Miner view in shell

As the snap below shows, I’m only able to switch between my teamredminer and t-rex using the shortcut cntrl+a+a. How to switch to 3-xmrig-new? Somebody please help.

me to I’m getting the same trouble I hope that @hiveos dev team will fix this bug very soon.
Happy mining

Try this
Ctrl+A, 1,2,3
That worked for me :slight_smile:

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Ctrl+A, 1,2,3 dont work for me, can oly switch between 1 and two with Ctrl+a+a ?

Ctrl a, 1,2,3 works but you need to make sure you hold ctrl while you push a, then let go of control before pushing the number and don’t type the commas. When you first login, you should have the miner screen where you can switch between miners with 1,2,3 without using ctrl+‘a’ first. If you exit that and go back to miner you need to push ctrl+‘a’ first. Another way of doing this is exiting the 2nd miner screen with Ctrl+a d and using the command ‘agent-screen’ without the quotes. Then you can switch between a more complicated view (1 agent) and a regular view (2 gpu-stats) of all your condensed miner stats.