Syslog error: json parsing error, please help

Morning fellow miners,

Does anyone know what is causing this and if it effects anything?

Is there anything I can try to resolve this?

Best regards,

I am Mining Eth on hiveonpool on a single rig and flight sheet, using Gminer for the 3 x Nvidia with lolminer for the 6 x Amd cards.

Anyone have any idea what the error is??

Thank you.

I have the same problem.

Error: “JSON parsing error”

The system then shutsdown.
HIVEOS: 0.6-203@210515

I have tried changing over USB drives. But i am not sure what the parsing error is related to.

Is this a writing issue to storage device or something else?

Aha, mine doesn’t cause any shutdowns, it’s just an error and I’m not aware of why or what it does.
I would suggest yours needs logging with Hive support, please report back how you get on?

Best regards, J

Hi folks,

I have the same problem, but rig remains mining, not booting. But I would like to solve to.

HiveOS Kernel 5.4.0-hiveos #140