System Changelog and News


Here we post all the changes and new features about the system with short description of functionality.

Тут мы публикуем все изменения и новый функционал системы с небольшим описанием.


:uk: :man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE 06 May 2019 :man_astronaut:

Added force algo switch in Overclocking Panel

Added option to disable automatic change of overclocking settings depending on the algorithm. Added the ability to apply overclocking settings from the list.

Added new items on the page workers

Enhanced the functionality of web Interface workers list page by adding new elements such as logic filters, filter for workers which is waiting for update and paging in workers list to the workers` page.

Added AND / OR / NOT logic for workers filtering

By applying this filter, you can use logical expressions with the help of operands such as AND / OR / NOT.

Added filter for workers which is waiting for update

With this filter, users can select workers that can be updated to the latest version of the client.

Added paging in workers list

Users with a large number of workers will be able to evaluate the new function of page-by-page rigs. In this case, the number of rigs on one page can be selected from 25 to 5000.

New items at workers settings page

Added special worker settings to the header control panel. Additional options are Push interval and Maintenance mode.
Push interval allows you to change the time interval for sending statistics to the server. It changes the responsiveness of the server and traffic generated by the rig. This option may be of interest to users with a prepaid volume of Internet traffic.
Maintenance mode - the new mode is designed for maintenance of your worker. In this mode disabled launching of miners, disabled applying OCs, etc. This mode also can be used for example for flashing Nvidia cards.

New miner miniZ

Added miniZ miner. miniZ is a fast and friendly Equihash 144/5, 150/5, 192/7, 96/5 CUDA miner.

Tags order control

Enhanced tags by adding order control.

New method to refill balance

Added new more quickly and easy payments method. You generate address in preferred crypto and send your crypto directly to this address when you need to fill your balance.

Nvidia flash VBIOS tool

We added the ability of flashing Nvidia cards from Hive OS linux client.
Please make sure that the BIOS version corresponds to the model of your video card and that this operation is really necessary for you and you know exactly what you are doing. Otherwise, you can turn your device into a “brick” with possible loss of warranty and its recovery will be possible only in the service center or only in the presence of special equipment.
Hive OS team isn’t responsible for possible negative consequences of this operation (equipment failure, degradation, etc.)

List of Popular Overclocks

Do you remember this functionality in Hive 1.0 interface? We got it back to Hive 2.0 in a new, revised form.
Here you can find overclocking settings of other users for one or another algorithm, video card, etc.

New tool for managing GPU - GPU Hub

This is our new ultimate feature GPU Hub. By using this feature you can create your own repository of VBIOS at Hive cloud, use mass flashing for whole rig or farm and many more.

listed #6

Web interface OC hotfix

A web interface hotfix has been released that fixes errors with overclocking settings for a worker.
Added overclocking editing button for the whole rig (former behavior).

Overclocking buttons opposite the card change the individual settings of this card.


:man_astronaut: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE 25 May 2019 :man_astronaut:

Added support of RXboost feature

To AMD OC settings added REF field. This parameter allows you to apply the so-called rxboost tweak. Read more here

When field is empty (default value) then Refresh Rate is not applied. To apply the value of all the cards, enter the same value. If you need to apply individual values for different cards, enter values separated by spaces.

New ASIC options for startup

Sets initial voltage and core frequency for reducing power usage on tuning start.

Detailed activity log for “config applied” event

More details in rig activity, now it’s visible what had changed, OC or Flight Sheet

Improved pagination support

Added switch to a specific page
Optimized page navigation with filters and sorting. Fixed a search for workers on farms.