System Changelog and News

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE August 19, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • autotags
  • Multi algo wallets for multipools
  • overall farms statistics
  • marking errors in ASICs
  • new merge overclock algorithm
  • display of workers without flight sheets
  • display autofan enabled workers
  • new notifications to messengers
  • other small fixes and improvements


We present a new feature - Autotags. How does it works?
When you create a farm, you can enable the Autotags feature and when doing so, all workers inside a farm will be tagged automatically. Rigs are tagged by GPU information and ASICs by model name.

You can also find this option in farm settings

or in worker settiings

Multi algo wallets for multipools

Another long-awaited feature is a general wallet for multipools such as Nicehash, Zpool, Zergpool, MPH and others where the same address is used for different algorithms (usually BTC).
For example, Nicehash. If you mine on Nicehash, you have one BTC wallet, but depending on the profit shift, you’ll be switching between different nicehash pools. Before this update, you had to create a wallet for each Nicehash supported algorithm you mine on. Now, this is no longer needed.

Overall farms statistics

Added overall statistics for all farms

Marking errors in ASICs

Marking errors in ASICs such as low disk space, errors in fans, etc.

New merge overclock algorithm

Overclock merging uses more intelligent algorithm depending on card type in a rig.

Display of workers without flight sheets

Workers without flight sheets in workers list now have a special mark.

Display autofan enabled workers

Workers where autofan is enabled, are showed in workers list.

New notifications to messengers

Added new notifications to messengers (Telegram, Discord) about excess “red” values, LA, number of shares, fans.

Other small fixes and improvements

As usual, small fixes and improvements applied, new coin icons added

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE September 02, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • added indicator and filter for “maintenance mode”
  • if more than four tags are assigned to one worker, then name is shortened
  • confirmation is required to apply the update

Indicator and filter for “maintenance mode”

Added special indicator for worker which switched to “maintenance mode”

Also added filter to worker list to find workers which switched to “maintenance mode”.

Tags shortened

If more than four tags are assigned to one worker, then name is shortened

Confirmation is required to apply the update

To prevent accidental pressing and as result applying update added confirmation to apply the update

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE October 16, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • interactive ASIC settings
  • search worker by IP address
  • adaptation to Nicehash v2 API
  • ability to select a version to downgrade or update

Interactive ASIC settings

We made ASIC miner settings more interactive

Search worker by IP address

Now you can search worker by IP address

Adaptation to Nicehash v2 API

Nicehash switched to API v2, and now we reworked Hive connector use with it

Ability to select a version to downgrade or update

Added some user friendly interface options which helps downgrade or upgrade Hive OS

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE November 23, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • Gminer dual mode
  • Maintenance mode w/o drivers

Gminer dual mode

Starting with v1.75, Gminer began supporting dual mode (currently ethash as primary algorithm and eaglesong as secondary). We have added this feature to the interface.
Setup your Flight Sheet. Select coins, wallets and pools for main and dual coin.

Check miner settings, set dual balance (dual intensity)

Start miner and check results.

Catch your profit!

Maintenance mode w/o drivers

Maintenance mode has been extended with a new mode - maintenance mode without loading drivers.
This mode may be needed for very difficult situations with video cards, for example, unbricking after an unsuccessful BIOS flashing.

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE November 28, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • NoncerPro Kadena Miner
  • Sorting farms by tags

NoncerPro Kadena Miner

We’ve added a new GPU miner for mining KDA / Kadena - NoncerPro Kadena GPU Miner.
Since v1.3.1, the miner supports both platforms - OpenCL and CUDA and this is the initial version in HiveOS.

Flight Sheet settings:

Miner settings for CUDA

Miner settings for OpenCL

Mining process on Nvidia cards

… and on AMD cards too

Sorting farms by tags

We’ve added sorting by tags for farms. It’s a small improvement for big bosses )

:rocket: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE December 21, 2019 :rocket:

Major changes in this update:

  • NhEqMiner VerusHash
  • Improved hashrate watchdog
  • Schedules: hourly recurrence

NhEqMiner VerusHash

We’ve added a new CPU miner to mine VRSC / Verus coin - NhEqMiner VerusHash
Example Miner settings:

Miner in action:

Improved hashrate watchdog

We’ve added new functionality to hashrate watchdog. You can now choose between hashrate reported by miner or specific algo.
Hashrate watchdog by miner was implemented a long time ago.

Using switch “Watchdog mode” you can switch between modes - “Miners” or “Algos”

Since most mining software support multiple algorithms, hashrate watchdog by miner was not universal.
To rectify this, we’ve added hashrate watchdog based on specific algorithm to improve hashrate watchdog

Choose algorithm and put estimated hashrate for this worker for the algorithm in question

Schedules: Hourly recurrence

We’ve added new unit of recurrence for Schedules - Hourly.

So now you can plan your action every N hour(s)

:christmas_tree: WEB INTERFACE UPDATE January 10, 2020 :christmas_tree:

Major changes in this update:

  • 2FA on account creating
  • Notifications about 2FA to improve user security
  • GrinGoldMiner can use forks

2FA on account creating

Notifications about 2FA to improve user security

Notification area

Billing Improvements & Fixes :moneybag:

:gift: Improvements

Added payouts statistics from Hiveon pool for Hive OS usage.

The countdown “5 days before farm locks” now starts from $1 debt.

To avoid annoying outages, we made it possible to activate the countdown to blocking the farm only if the debt exceeds $1

CPU-only rigs only $0,3/mo per rig

With RandomX, VerusHash, YesPower and some other algorithms now CPU- mining back!
Some guys bought a lot of used servers from HP, Dell, IBM and so on with Xeon, Opteron, etc on board
We provide our system for CPU mining on such devices at a very attractive price.
We’re ready to present our special tariff for CPU-only rigs for only $0.30/mo per rig
CPU rig - it’s PC without modern GPU’s for mining. Standard conditions applicable: up to 4 for free and starting from 5th rig $0.30/mo per each rig

:pill: Billing Fixes

All charges that were made on free rigs while switching to Hiveon pool will be reverted until January 25th.

Those charges that you keep in the web interface at present, until 01/25/20 will be deducted provided that your rigs satisfy the conditions for free (mining Ethereum on our Hiveon pool or mining other coins anywhere).

If your rigs satisfy the conditions for free, then you should not worry and repay these charges yourself - they will be canceled.

All incorrect charges will be refunded and marked in your account.

Hiveon pool: Updates & Improvements

Dear miners!
We want to introduce you to the main Hiveon pool updates that we’ve made over the past two weeks.

We did the following :

  • Added the Russian Federation server.
  • Added SSL encryption to all our pools.
  • Added weekly and monthly charts
  • Added filters and sorting abilities.
  • Fixed statistics for workers.
  • The payout time is now indicated according to your time zone
  • Added a link to the Knowledge Base of the Pool in the footer of the site
  • Updated articles in the Pool Knowledge Base

Hiveon pool

A reminder of Hiveon pool’s main benefits:

  • PPS + payment system.
  • 0% pool commission.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Daily payments at a fixed time for any balances at or over 0.1ETH.
  • Up to 4 free workers in Hive OS starting charge plan
  • The option to pay for Hive OS at a 3% dev fee commission on the pool.

Let’s take look at these changes in more detail.

Pool infrastructure

Russian Federation server

We added the Russian Federation server.
The server provides a stable connection to the pool for residents of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

SSL Encryption

For secure mining, we have added SSL encryption to all our pool servers (RU, EU, NAW) - SSL port - 24443.

Pool web site

Fixed statistics for workers

Fixed worker statistics displayed.


Weekly and monthly added to daily charts

Filters and Sorting

Added filters and sorting abilities


Payout time

The payout time is now indicated according to your time zone

изображение изображение

Knowledge Base

Added a link to the Knowledge Base of the Pool in the site footer

Updated articles in the Pool Knowledge Base

We’ll continue to improve and take community feedback to heart. Stay tuned for announcements!

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Dear miners!

We continue to improve our Ethereum pool Hiveon

There may not be many visible changes over the past week, but they are. Therefore, a few words about them.
We added:

  • visual display of reaching the payout threshold
  • detailed statistics and graphs for each worker

On mouse over “Unpaid balance” block now you can see tooltip about payout time and threshold

Worker names now clickable and you can see detailed worker stats and charts.

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ASIC Status Troubleshooting and more :bulb:

Major changes in this update:

  • ASIC Status Troubleshooting
  • New filters
  • DamoMiner

:bulb: ASIC Status Troubleshooting

With Hiveon ASIC firmware, you can now see advanced ASIC status on dashboard to help you troubleshoot. We’ve added filters to find ASICs with a specific status.

inside worker

on worker list


For more info on ASIC status read here

:mag_right: New filters

We added new types of filters.
Now you can search your workers by Worker name, IP address, MAC address, Min/Max Hashrate, Min/Max Temp

:pick: DamoMiner

DamoMiner - GPU miner which currently supports Nvidia cards and allows mining ETH and ETH dual mode with CKB/HNS/TRB. v2.6.6 is ready for the upcoming RavenCoin (RVN) hardfork to kawpow algorithm.

DamoMiner configuration dialogue

Flight Sheet ETH+HNS

Miner in action

Hiveon ASIC profiles: change on schedules

Major changes in this update:

  • Added ability change overclocking profiles on schedules
  • Added display of the current overclocking profile for Hiveon ASIC firmware inside the worker
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Added ability change overclocking profiles on schedules

Added display of the current overclocking profile

Added display of the current overclocking profile for Hiveon ASIC firmware inside the worker

Minor improvements and fixes

Fixed freezing browser tab on update which happened in some cases

Web Interface Updates * May 14, 2020

Major changes in this update:

  • Unset Flight Sheets from worker
  • Displaying voltage of ASIC board and chips
  • Improved user inform about 2FA protection
  • Other major improvements

Unset Flight Sheets from worker

Added option to unset flight sheet from the top “rocket” menu in the options of the applied flight sheet,

and you can also unset flight sheet according to the schedule using the scheduler

Displaying voltage of ASIC board and chips

Added voltage reflection on the ASIC board / chips (does not work on all ASIC models and not on all firmware)

Improved user inform about 2FA protection

And also, work was carried out to inform users and strengthen the protection of their accounts by activating 2FA, by adding a banner warning that the account is not sufficiently protected, there is also a link to useful information and how to install, and by clicking on the button the user will be directed to form where it can activate 2FA.

Other major improvements

Improved work on large farms in the form of a search by address / name of the worker. The current worker will always be displayed second and highlighted in green.

A warning was added when the ASIC overclocking profile was not applied

as well as a filter

In the form of tuning for ASIC, the ability to set reserve pools in case of inaccessibility of the main one is added

Web Interface Updates * May 20, 2020

Major changes in this update:

  • added sorting by invalid shares
  • improved CSV import/export procedure

Added sorting by invalid shares

Web Interface Updates * May 23, 2020

Major changes in this update:

  • updated AMD GPUs OC dialogue

Updated AMD GPUs OC dialogue

For best AMD GPUs overclocking experience especially for new AMD GPUs generation cards such as Vega and Navi we’re added new fields to AMD OC dialogue such as VDDCI (memory controller interface voltage), MVDD (memory chips voltage) and Power Limit (allows you to limit the power used by the core).

Memory controller interface VDDCI and memory chips voltage MVDD sets in mV and currently applicable only for Navi family cards.
The default value for VDDCI is 850 mV. The permissible range is 750-850 mV.
The default value for MVDD is 1350 mV. The permissible range is 1250-1350 mV.
:warning: Use this parameters only if you understand what you are doing otherwise you can get a very unstable system.

Power Limit (PL) sets in Watts and allows you to limit the power used by the core graphics card.
In most cases, AMD cards are not required if the frequency and core voltage are set.
Currently applicable only to Vega and Navi GPUs family

Hive OS web interface updates, 17.06.2020

What’s new?

  • A wide selection of 2.0 firmware settings for ASIC Antminers of the 17th series: set up frequencies, voltage, critical temperatures, automatic switching of the profiles, etc. Turn on the chips and boards protection against short circuit — it can be caused by manufacturing defects.

  • Filter devices by the currently used flight sheet:

  • Downgrade the Hive OS version for ASICs:

When selecting a version, you can also see what functions will become unavailable after the downgrade:

  • In Schedules you can select a timezone that will be used for automatic execution of the required task:

Do not forget to check the time of the next operation of Scheduler:

  • Now you can receive notifications about the “loss” of GPU or board directly to the Telegram bot — you will miss nothing!

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Integration of Hiveon ETH pool and new features of the Hive OS web-interface

We have updated the web-interface of Hive OS. What’s new?

The most important update — Hiveon ETH pool is now integrated into the web-interface of Hive OS!

Now, instead of switching to the page of the pool, you can check all the essential information right in the dashboard of Hive OS:

  • Payouts;
  • Hashrate;
  • Shares of the pool (valid, stale and invalid);
  • Statistics;
  • Workers’ statuses (online/offline).

View video demonstration: external link

Integration of the pool is not the only update:

  • Now it is even easier for you to filter your devices — we added a filter by the firmware for GPUs and ASICs:

  • If you need to provide someone (for instance, your administrator) with a link to a particular worker, you can simply switch to that worker and click its name:

  • On the page of every GPU worker it is now possible to check the CPU temperature:

Besides, you can set up the threshold value of the CPU temperature in order to protect your devices from overheating:

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Hiveon ETC pool has been integrated to Hive’s web interface!

The most important update — Hiveon ETC pool has been integrated to Hive OS’ web interface!
Here’s a video on all the newly implemented features.

You can now check on all essential information right from Hive’s dashboard — No longer needing to switch to the pool’s page.

You’ll always be aware of your pool income and payments. You get access to the following information:

  • The last payout (and date thereof);
  • The expected daily and weekly payouts;
  • Estimated earnings per day/week;
  • The total paid balance amount;
  • The total unpaid balance (including the % reached to payout);
  • A real-time graph of your income.

You’re also able to see the number of active workers here.

You can check the real-time poolside accepted hashrate:

You can also monitor the pool’s valid, stale and invalid shares (per day, week or month):

In case you mine two coins (ETC and ETH), you can switch between them with one click. You can also monitor the hashrate, payouts, energy consumption and number of workers for two coins at the same time:

What else?

Now you can do the following on Hive’s web-interface too:

  • Choose what type of messages to remove:

  • Change the order of miners when creating / editing a flight sheet. If there are two or more of them, you can do it by ordinary drag-and-drop:

  • Change the order of the repositories’ list in the farm’s advanced settings (also by drag-and-drop):

  • Select a lot of workers at once — to do this, press down the Shift button down and highlight to select all desired rigs:

And last but not least, you can now use the “pill” for the Nvidia 1080 rev 1 cards too.

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Hive OS web-interface update: improved monitoring and new filters

Meet another update of the Hive OS web interface!

Now, right on the dashboard, you can also monitor the memory temperature for the AMD VEGA and NAVI cards. This will help to protect your devices from overheating and downtime, and you — from the loss of profit.

  • You can specify the threshold temperature values for memory and core separately. If you leave these fields empty, the default values will be applied after you click the Save button. They are 72℃ for the core and 90℃ for the memory:

  • When the specified value is exceeded, the temperature “turns” in the appropriate color so that you immediately notice overheating:

  • In the list of rigs (as well as in the list of cards inside the worker), the core and memory temperatures are displayed as a hint:

Apart from this, we added a new filter by miner to which tuning is applied. On the list such a miner will be marked with the color yellow — this will simplify the search process:

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Autofan: improvements & new features

The Autofan module has been improved and new features have been added since the latest Linux GPU client updates (0.6-149@200722 and 0.6-150@200729).
New updates to the web interface bring these new options highlighted in red and orange squares below.

  • Target MEM TEMP
    This feature is only used by AMD Vega and Navi series cards.
    This rule is triggered if the GPU core temperature doesn’t exceed the set target temperature, in turn not allowing the memory temperature to exceed the set threshold.
    For example; When Navi series GPUs exceed memory temperatures of 104C, they start throttling. With this feature, you’ll be able to keep your cards at optimal temperatures.

  • Smart mode
    This mode changes the target temperature depending on the fan speed. If it’s very hot, the coolers don’t work 100% and keep a higher temperature. And vice versa, if it’s cold, the fan speed is a little higher so that there is airflow. The ratio is 1° for every 10% of the fan speed from 50%.

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