Tdxminer integration for Hive


Thank you very much Hamednik and excellent contribution. I was working with Tdxminer from the console on HiveOs, and this integration was much better as I was working. Thanks


@hamednik thank you very much.


hashrate no screen


@hamednik no worries, my apologies mate, i didnt realize.
Thanks for adding the instructions! Highly appreciated.


Hey guys newbie here I understood all of the instruction but I am unsure how to download a file to hive. Can anyonte tell me?


[quote=“CriptoManiaBrasil;5441”]Hey guys newbie here I understood all of the instruction but I am unsure how to download a file to hive. Can anyonte tell me?[/quote]

If you’re on windows, use filezilla and select SFTP, if you’re on macos you can still use filezilla but also you can use terminal and do

scp FILENAME user@YOURIP:/home/user

this puts the file in your home dir in hiveos.


@idrisou you need to make sure you’re using my latest files as well as you must reboot your rig before the stats show up.


“Download the attached file to your rig. (probably you’ll save it to /home/user)”
How can i do this?


Is this still for rigs running 5.58 or can I use the latest I’ve had tdxminer running for a few weeks standalone but would be nice if I could change the wallets from the web that’s why this way is better


@ffi2013 there is no reason why it shouldnt work with the latest version of hive, go ahead and give it a try and if it didnt work out for you, you can always revert back using the backup files.




Finally i did it. Great guide! Thank you very much! But you should delete it :slight_smile: Because rest newbeis like me come and ruin the profit on this algo :slight_smile:

RX 580 runs 3.6mh, RX 570 - 3mh, and one defective 570 brings only 2.4mh


Hello! Faced an unpleasant problem. Rig on which 12 cards shows somehow incorrect statistics. Is it possible to solve this problem?


@PavelAPoliakov looks like wrong JSON is being sent back to HiveOS API causing this behaviour. This happened to me once at the stage i was writing patching hive files but i think i rebooted the rig and it kinda sorted it self out, maybe its not a definite answer you were looking for please it and let me know.


В любом случае спасибо, хорошая работа


@hamednik did you manage to do the same for t-rex?


Yes and its working on my 1070 ti rigs, however it wasnt stable on 1070/1060 rigs and since i didnt receive satisfactory results from the miner im not going to post the instructions just yet.


@PavelAPoliakov If you’d use my latest versions, ive removed static references to the number of GPUs and its now getting the total GPUs automatically. I dont have any rigs with that my GPUs therefore im not able to debug that particular situation but I’m glad you’ve got it working at the end, happy mining.


is there any guide how to run tdxminer on rig with Vegas? :slight_smile:


I’ve tried and successfully ran tdxminer on vegas, however since there is no way to effectively change the power play tables on AMD drivers for Vega cards on linux, your power usage will be extremely high and as a results my temperatures raised dramatically. I reverted back to windows for Vega cards which still is the best solution.