Team Black Miner not starting

Trying to give TBM a try,

I set up the miner but it seems the miner is not starting
what should I do ? any ideas ?

found the issue it was the TLS enabled miner was saying
“Sorry. SSL is not fully implemented yet”

I am using phoenix miner for AMD and Nvidia cards.

Go into Remote Access, select Hive Shell Start. Once it has started, open it and at the command prompt type miner. See what errors you are getting.

Also looks like you have Hashrate Watchdog turned on (minimal hashrate is not set). Turn it off.

already solved


I have the same problem as you, but I did not understand the solution.
I enabled TLS, but still nothing :frowning:


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Figured I would respond but I left TLS off and updated to this latest version of HIVEOS. Running perfectly fine now. Let me know if you need any help brother.

je voudra bien de l’aide,
voici la console hiveos