Team red miner error GPU 2: detected DEAD (07:00.0), will execute restart script


I don t understand why team red miner make error GPU 2: detected DEAD (07:00.0), will execute restart script

i change oc , i change riser i havent got idea

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I am having the same issue. My two rigs running Hive are having the same issues since these last two updates that scewed with the autofan code. Hive is such bullshit. I’ll cut off my left testicle and eat it if a moderator or a Hive rep chimes in but they never do. It’s like cursing at God and lo and behold, jack shit happens. They are vacant, inattentive and DGAF

this happen when u changing the oc settings or fans settings… Its not a big deal for me .
Running stable for a week…

Same Here after the update

im getting the same problem on my rig 5700xt

Mxm same after the update

I’m getting this on team red miner for 5600 XT rig every 3 or 4 hours. Did yall think it was an OC issue, or?

Cable data or pin 6/6 ?

Using pcie rises on an open air 8 card rig.

It happens when I try >920 memory. 930 is where I want to sit. Temps are fine. It just randomly pops up and shuts miner