TeamBlackminer with rx580 8GB

Hello dear friends i have rx5700xt and rx580 when i tired teamblack with rx5700 its work perfect and i got extra 1 hash per card but with rx580 it give low hash any solution for rx580
also when i use 2 miners NB and blackteam at same rig NB on AMD and BT on Nvidia pool report just can see AMD hash

use --xintensity [60] for the rx580

where i can find it please can you attach a screenshot thank you in advance


Put -E 60

You might need to add more power as well

thank you dear for your reply i did but still i get low hash on 580, its work perfect over 5700 i got 58MH but on 580 i got less 1 hash as i use phoenix

I think you need more power, Look at the picture 100watt 34MHASH, 80 watt 32mhash. The Team black miner need more power to run optimal.