TeamRedMiner problem **Gpu monitor stats refresh timed out, no data available**

using 5.4.80-hiveos 0.6-203@210426
20.40 amd driver,
Radeon Vii x 8,

After i add 2 new VII, start mining and say Gpu monitor stats refresh timed out, no data available, it will take high load average first.

now i need to press key “up”, and type miner start, and it should be okay. wts happen? thanks!

Hi there
The same problem was found on my rig
JUST DOWNGRADE to version HIVE OS 06.190 stable and ALL WILL BE FINE!

Did you fix it? what did you do?

Same thing happened to me with 0.6-204.

Double check your OC settings. It may look like HiveOS remembered the OC for each devices, but if you added or rearranged gpus, the OC setting may have “shifted” to another device. Verify each device has the correct OC settings. Fix, reboot and run again.