How about miner log?


ok i deleted miner folder redowloaded and started with ssh connection and it works




Есть проблема при использовании алгоритма Phi2:


Благодарю за отзыв! Пофиксел.
Что бы обновить майнер запусти команду:
custom-get -f


Teamredminer is not working with 18.20 drivers my rig on 18.10 is fine how do I roll the 18.20 drivers back or what image has the 18.10 so I can burn a new os I looked through the changelog but couldn’t find it


Here is a thread about (un)installing drivers:

and here is where you can download previous driver versions:


The latest HiveOS stable image uses amdgpu-pro 18.10, by the way in the “bleeding edge” build it was changed to something strange like 16.60 and it mines really better sometimes.
So just flash the image with driver that you need.


При работе на алгоритме Lyra2z нет информации о скорости покарточно, только общая по ригу (см. вложение)


I’ve noticed this behavior when miner is working for a long time (several days) without disruption… Restarting miner solves the problem. I suspect that maybe parsing a very large log file to collect stats data about miner can make such problems…


Недавно фиксел, обнови ещё раз майнер.

Thanks! I’ll check it.


Yes this problems comes from tdxminer on border aprox. 8-9Mb and large


I’ve made some optimizations. Update the miner by executing command:
custom-get -f


Updated several rigs… will let you know if happens again…


It happened again :frowning: Several days of uptime messes up with reporting. Miner is working all the time, but reporting is irratic…


Thank for the report, I’ll try to add log rotation.


Hi Teamredminer,

It seems that after upgrading from 3.1 to another version 3.2 / 3.3 in hiveos there are multiple problems with AMD 4x0 / 5x0 cards.

Some rigs work, but some others are not reporting statistics anymore.
Removing the folder results in the message “Waiting to cool down a bit” after reinstallation.

Can you please advise what is proper to upgrade from 3.1 to 3.3 in Hiveos?


Thanks! I’ll make integration scripts for the version 3.3!


The version 3.3 integration is done . Devs’ve added the API, so there is no need to parse logfile any more, and now it should work stable for long time.

Update the miner by executing command:
custom-get -f



Thanks for the work done, but can’t get it running.

If in ssh, I start with ./ the miner runs perfectly.
But when starting from HiveOS, i always get the “cooling down” error.

After checking found this error when I start from HiveOS:

checking connection with []
[PARENT] found connection with [] (TIME_WAIT)
[PARENT] forking child
[CHILD] setting up filter to sniff ACK on [lo] for 5 seconds
[PARENT] sending spoofed SYN to [] with bogus SeqNum
[PARENT] no response from child, operation may have failed
[PARENT] killing child [8620] and exiting program

And after this the TEAMredminer is still started and gives the cooling down error.

Any clue how to slove this ?