The new RX6600 (tested)

I think 550 CAD is a great deal – should be like 380 EUR – i paid 510 EUR for each card.

Setup was easy, even with me being new to hive os.
I just took the numbers from a youtube review of the cards and it works fine over all brands. Because the numbers looked good to me, i did not even try to tweak it more.

And in 3 days i got only 2 errors/invalid shares.

With the settings from gpu-monkey, the power consumption should decrease. You can find them here: AMD Radeon RX 6600 GPU Liste 2021

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I couldn’t get RX 6600 (PowerColor Fighter RX6600 8GB) working. The fan spins up when booting, but the gpu is not detected in HiveOS. Th HiveOS version is the last stable (0.6-208 updated to 0.6-210) and AMD driver is 20.40 (5.11.0701).
Please any hint regarding this?
Thanks a lot.

I would check all cables and switch the riser.

I have switched the riser for the old one (v06) and now it works,it’s strange. The previous riser version was 08c).
Thanks for hint, i have tried everything: beta hiveOS, another riser cable, tried to install 21.30 driver, nothing helped.

Thanks once more.

Best settings…

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@ttib2 @Didz

Thank you for your tipps! I tested both of the settings:

Core Clock | Core V/Mem.Contr.V/MemV. | Mem Clock
960 | 640/640/1100 | 950
960 | 650/650/1100 | 950

And i was coming from…
900 | 620/630/1100 | 950

Before i had like…
414 Watts@240 Volts from the wall, rock stable 29.22 MH, 60-66 °C, 45-49 Watts/Card

With the first (960 | 640/640/1100 | 950) i got…
388 Watts@240 Volts from the wall, 29.23 MH, 58-64 °C, 39-42 Watts/Card
(Screenshot of that below)

With the second (960 | 650/650/1100 | 950) i got…
390 Watts@240 Volts from the wall, 29.14 MH, 60-64 °C, 40-45 Watts/Card

So thank you again – it was great seeing this numbers change even more to the better :smile:

I will test the new settings (the first with 960 | 640/640/1100 | 950) a few days and will report back here…


personnaly i’m in autofan for all my rigs…

and it works perfectly


for your 3070

on T rex miner

Have you ever experienced a “GPU detected dead” status on a VGA RX 6600?

My vga rx 6600 always experiences “GPU 5 detected dead”, and it happens once every 1 day (at most 2 days).

I’ve tried swapping risers, changing PCIE cables, always the “GPU 5 detected dead” problem.

what do I have to do ? please help me @haenno @ttib2

Does the situation follow the GPU or the PCIE slot?

I haven’t tried it.

i am still monitoring so far and still not taking action to swap riser, vga is still plugged in riser gpu 5 in hive os.

Try removing vdd/vddci/mvdd values

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Removing is not necessary, raising the values a little bit is enough.

Go simple with your OC.

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Guys add 2 6600XT to the RIG, HiveOS them but they recognize it in mine … the log removes this error for me, does anyone have an idea what it could be? Thanks.Screenshot_1

Hi guys, thinking about to buy rx6600 or rx6600xt.
Is there a way to overclock momory of non xt model to the level of xt model?
From what i can see, it looks like 6600 is limited to 950 and 6600xt to 1075.
Am I right?
Did you guys tried to override non xt model?
Wold be nice to have same performance for less power and less money like rx470 compared to rx580.
Thanks for replies/ideas

most stupid advice. you literraly burning money and cards.

so far 950 is maximum, but card uses less power and is easier to overclock.

I have 6600xt running at 1188 so I think it uses different overclocking approach enabling it to boost a lot, but risking of the card being unstable.