To all 6000 series cards owners!: Make HiveOS add RX 6000 series core voltage support like in SMOS

To all owners of RX 6700 XT, 6800 (XT) and 6900 XT cards that mine with their cards under Windows: HiveOS has a bug which causes the core voltage to get stuck at a certain voltage. For the RX 6800 this is 781mv. However, in Windows 10 these cards can run at 625mv!

I did some testing and in HiveOS the RX 6800 runs at about 150-160 watt at the wall with the settings in the screenshot. The VDD (core voltage) is set to 630 which is the lowest stable voltage for mining in Windows with these cards for me. But in reality the voltage is 781mv as TeamRedMiner shows here:

In Windows 10 when I run the cards at 630mv, TeamRedMiner shows 625mv. The cards run at about 120-125watt at the wall which is a huge difference. HiveOS told me at first that this isn’t possible in Linux. Then I found out SimpleMiningOS does support lowering the core voltage. SMOS however does not support lowering VDDCI and MVDD allthough they told me it is on their to-do list. So it is possible and HiveOS could change this and solve this bug for us.

I myself build a small temporary rig for my RX 6000 cards which is fine for now (and even has better hashrate in Windows 10). But I would love HiveOS to support core voltage adjustment below 781mv. Which saves about 30-35 watts per card making these cards very efficient! That way I can add them to my main rig.

My experience is only with RX 6800 cards because I did not mind testing 6700XT in HiveOS as they run fine in Windows. But this is an issue that should be addressed. So to all owners of 6000 cards, ask HiveOS to solve this bug in HiveOS and make HiveOS the perfect OS for mining with 6000 series cards from AMD! :pick: :pick: :pick:


Cmon HiveOS, you can do it! :smiley:

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I’m running RX 6700XT rig right now and I can confirm that the undervolt feature on hiveos doesn’t work. on windows, I can run at 635mv and the core temperature is around 45C. on hiveos, it runs at around 850mv and the core temp is above 52C.

Confirm for RX 6700 XT - voltage not change. AMD released driver 20.50 with support RX 6700

Maybe this driver will allow change voltage, we need wait update HiveOS :frowning:

Thanks for your input guys! And I totally agree, HiveOS as the biggest mining OS can definitely do this!

It appears to work on Simple Mining OS too so it’s definitely possible on Linux. They told me it was easier then adjusting memory voltages which will come later on SMOS. Memory voltages already work on HiveOS so I guess it would be easy for them to change this, but I’m no developer so thats just me guessing haha. Report the issue to HiveOS support to make them change this faster :smiley:

Please fix thissss!!! i need to lower my 6700 temp dont have space for more fans :frowning:

Hope this thread gets the traction it needs for HiveOS support to look into this issue and fix it :slight_smile:

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if hiveos fix the undervoltage feature, I could save at least 45kWh per month from my 3 RX 6700XT (60w x 24h x 30). imagine how much electricity we could save if there are thousands of RX 6000 out there using hiveos.

isnt there a direct channel with support, i searched for it but could not find it :frowning:

Send email to

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Anybody installed driver 20.50?

In Win 10 the new driver has stability issues for a lot of users. Also, I don’t think it’s a driver issue since apparently Simple Mining OS has the funcationality to reduce core voltage already.

And thanks for mentioning the email adress, I will add it to the OP.

Edit: I can not edit the OP anymore.

But like McFlyH says, best is to send an email and talk to support over chat :slight_smile:

I installed 21.10 for Ubuntu 18.04.5 HWE PRO version
RX480 - detected, but RX6700 no :-(, error about wrong OpenCL 2.0…

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how can export and import my manual cong. to hiveos ? idk how edit

No way

I contacted support lets see

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Would be interesting to test undervolting in Linux (UBUNTU) indeed. I might look into that this week.

Should be possible with this tool:

I talked to the dev of TRM and he reffered me to MMP OS and explained the issue in Linux mining to me. Apparently MMP OS can control RX 6800 VDD, VDDCI and MVDD, all at the same time. I will give this a try to see if it’s truly better then HiveOS :slight_smile:

have you tried it? any good?

Hope HiveOS support team addresses this issue at the earliest.