Total Payment for 1 Rig with 6 GPUs

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a bit confused with the word rig and workers. On the explanation, it was using rig and workers but after reading the example provided, I am still a little confuse.

I am mining on Conflux (Herominers, T-rex) with 1 rig consist of 2 GPUs. I understood that this setup should be Free.

If I am planning to increase the current 1 rig with a total of 6 GPUs, how much will I be charged? It is at a total of USD$3 per month because there is only 1 rig?

Please assist.

Thank you

One computer is one rig or one worker. No matter how many GPUs you have on that one computer.

HiveOS is free for up to 4 workers (computers) -

Dear givo,

This really helps me a lot.
Thank you so much for your explanation.
Have a blessed day and stay safe always.