Trex 0.24.0 LHR Unlock Dual - Still getting LHR lock


I am a bit lost why i am getting locks still

TREX 0.24.0 - ETH & ERGO

This is my setup config

“worker”: “%WORKER_NAME%”
“lhr-algo”: “autolykos2”
“url2” : “
“user2” : “9frja2VzZJwnP37gFidmazYh7AmWqpfAWWsZdfZpvc6yCgbvVY2”
“pass2” : “x”

It just goes down…30…29…28…27…26…i am down to 12… and keep getting LHR detected

I am a bit lost why

3060TI Graphic cards LHR (MSI & GIGABYTRE)

Sorry to confirm its version