Trm log

I want to access the log and it gives me the error that I do not have permissions.
How do I solve it?
Thank you

so, based on what you put it is trying to run the log as though it is an executable. You need to tell it that you want to use another program to read the text. for editing I use ‘nano’, for just reading I use ‘more’.

So you would want to do something like this: more /var/log…/teamredminer.log

how can i do?

Use the more command to read logs.

Like I put in the first response. You need to use more path/to/file.log

I had read your post but I’m not familiar with linux :pensive:

how should the complete string be written? I have already activated the “logs on” command

more /var/log/miner/teamredminer/teamredminer.log

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thank u