Trying to mine DGB at suprnova pool

Noob here. Setting up my first miner and can’t figure out how to set up a wallet and flight sheet correctly.

So i made a wallet as username.password from my suprnova account. The “address” is stratum+tcp:// And for source I just typed in suprnova cause its not in the pull down list. So I think that’s correct.

So under the flight sheet tab I pick DGB, my wallet I just made, and then suprnova is not in the scroll down list again, so I pick “configure in miner.” Now I go to the miner tab and pick sgminer cause I’m using radeon vii and then click setup miner config. So I choose skein, but what do I choose for “fork”? Then I enter the URL to the pool again stratum+tcp:// and leave the password as “x”

Now Ive played around with this a little…deleting the stratum+tcp:// out of the address, changing the x in the password etc…but can’t get it to work. Any help would be much appreciated!