Unable to loginto Shell In A Box

I just tried to log into Shell In A Box using the default user and 1 for the password and it said incorrect login. I have a feeling I accidentally reset the password. How do I find the password or reset it.

You can view the password in the root directory /hive-config/vnc-password.txt. You can use vim or vi if you don’t have vim installed to update that text file.

where can i get the root directory?

hi my problem, can’t login via shellinabox

ID: user,
password: 1

but always fail, what should I do?

can you help me?

You can change password of “user” by using the command hive-password yournewpassword .
Instead of yournewpassword you should enter your new password.
For more information, you can check the details from following link: Hiveos Security