How to undervolt NVIDIA cards on Hive?

For present time undervolting for NVidia GPU’s available only by changing Power Limit (PL)

Power Limit and undervolting are different things.

Undervolting in ms windows terms currently not supported by linux driver

I cannot see the WATT information for NVIDIA GTX1050. I can see the WATT information for NVIDIA GTX1060 and NVIDIA GTX1070. Could you check the system for NVIDIA GTX1050, pls ?

It’s 387-series driver issue (update to 390 or downgrade to 384 series driver if it’s meangful for you)

BTW you already recieved this answer here - http://forum.hiveos.farm/discussion/comment/1179/#Comment_1179
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It’s not a bug of R387-series driver
Power usage not shown at 1050/1050ti cards because NVidia removed this option for this type of cards in newer drivers

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I hope NVIDIA will put this feature in next driver update.