Unstable speed hashrate in 6 gpu AMD


My rig installed windows10 and i have 6 gpu AMD, With windows10 stable 86 hours. A few day ago i try to install hiveOS, and i get the problem “unstable speed hashrate and sometimes random down suddenly”

Thanks you for help…http://forum.hiveos.farm/uploads/editor/xa/62p2fjvld5gb.jpg


I’m having the exact same issues, modded BIOS – run stable on W10 with no issues at APPROX 115MH/S. I can’t keep HiveOS to stay up before rebooting for the life of me.


I’ve attached a picture of my ETHminer here, its all over the board - it’ll be over 100MH/S, then drop down to 5 with a single GPU running. W10 i run around 25MH/S on each GPU. No OCs added from HiveOS.https://forum.hiveos.farm/uploads/editor/qo/3dnosebz46im.png


Does anyone has any updates/solutions on this?


@audhie what are your OC settings? fan settings? anything you set or it’s all default?


@toyjb same issue without any OC or fan settings…


Check your risers same issue i faced and resolved by changing riser


The same issue. Works great on win 10, but not in hive. Anyone tried previous version?


Ive solved this issue on my rig. The problem hided in pci speed. It started to work perfectly when i changed pci speed to gen2. Also i flashed a new motherboard bios rom and turned off iGPU. But hashrate stabilised when i changed pci speed.


Mine was already gen02 when I had the issue… I have reduced OC settings, switched power cables and changed riser locations… Problem solved for now :slight_smile:


Having the same issue. Stable in Win10. Tried the Gen2 pcie change with no luck. Using z270e mobo.