Update 0.6-205@210719 on TeamRedMiner 5700xt fails

Dual mining Trex and TeamRedMiner

New update to 205@210719 is causing one of my 5700xts to be “detected dead”. If I downgrade to 203@210719, everything works fine.

Looks like the card in question doesn’t pull more that 65W before failing. Any ideas?

Never had this issue with any other upgrades.

Rig Specs

Card Specs
Core 1350
VDD 775
MVDD 1350
MEM 950
FAN 85

Yep, this is a well-known problem with anything newer than 0.6-203 (except partially for 0.6-206 which fixed the 5700 issues but causes Radeon VII cards to drop 2-3MH/s).

Just stick with 203. Stable on my 5700 rig for 5+ days, R7 rig hashes at 108 instead of 106, and my ampere/turing rig’s invalid shares increase tenfold on anything newer than 203.

Driver issue, HiveOS issue? Who knows.