Update for RX 590

Is there any solution to support RX 590 cards in HiveOs? Any updates?

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want to buy a lot of RX590 saphire + , they’re not supported on hiveos yet ? thank’s for the information

i am having a same issue i am unable to mine on rx590

I’m having issues too.
My Graphics shows as “Radeon RX 470/480 8192M · Gigabyte”. It’s a Gigabyte RX590. The miner wont start.

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Mine isn’t particularly fast, slower than my RX580s but it does at least work. It is identified rather generically as a RX470/480 though. I’m hoping the HiveOS guys catch up to the rest of the Linux community sooner rather than later. This is important to the growth of my rigs so sooner the better.

Got it to work with the beta image… a bit unstable but still working.
It will ready 470/480 but that’s just a program that can’t read the name propper.

Hi, i have a 2 rx 590 and give me 29Mh/s, whit this OC, whith HOS interface.

Some recomendation for an get more hashrate?

I’m using RX 590s with Hive OS and per the card install instructions you need to use all the power pins on the RX 590s [8 + 6 pins] for the card to work.

i get 32 with the new hiveos update, i sahe my OC setting of rx590

Some body get something better?


Do you still use this OC?

i would allso likee to know how those setting are working for u? hope stable and happy mining :slight_smile:

these are my rx590

anyway for better hashrate
hashrate seems same to 580

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Could you show us your overclocking configuration sheet?

Here is my few 590´s and one 580 on the same rig, there is a massive difference on memory brand and type, i suppose that optimal vbios plays a key role allso. Dunno for sure but i belive that psu power distripution is one wery important thing allso…some cards just perfom better than others? realy interested about this topic…following :+1:

With the same settings I am getting about 27 mh / s. What is the reason of this?

what are you mining? and what miner is it using? it seems that for ETH this is good

Estou usando uma RX 590 Gigabyte, qual OC melhor que conseguiu na sua ?