Using Onboard Graphics for display only

Does HiveOS support the use of AMD’s onboard graphics CPUs for display output?

I’ve just finished setting up my rig and have not been able to get an output from it with the output coming from the CPUs onboard graphics, I was wondering if this is to do with me running the GPU image while the CPU has Vega Graphics that might be interfering with the OS (should I be using the ‘VEGA’ image?).

I have tried swapping out the risers, the motherboard, the RAM and changing the GPUs (RX 580s), even as far as changing the PCIE slots where they’re plugged in, but nothing seems to work.
When connecting the display output to the GPU I get an image but cannot get a ‘load’ on the GPU’s apart from the one plugged into the 16x slot, but that has no memload like the rest. Also, there seems to no way for me to see the rig remotely as the WebUI and Phone App show the rig as offline.

Any advise or what I can do to fix this?


Have you tried setting your motherboard to select onboard graphics 1st, that’s what i had to do on my Asrock H81 Pro BTC R2.0.

Did you fix this? I have a 2200g and I can get to bios, the hive boot menu and as soon as the hive GUI loads nothing. The monitor stays active and doesn’t go into standby but no display output unfortunately. The apu does say disabled in hive but wondering if you ever got this working? I’ve had a support ticket open for a couple weeks now with the hive team working on this.