Vega 56 Overclocking profile


Has anyone tweaked a profile for overclocking vega 56 through hive os.

I’m running 0.6-02@181122 and getting around 1.15 kH/s I have read that you can get them to about 2kH/s per card. Would love to be able to do that. I have never overclocked a GPU before, would really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.


Screen from test (Vega 64 1,9kH cn-v8):

user’s profile Vega 64 2,1kH cn-v8)


Hi @HaloGenius, wich miner are you using?


I don’t have VEGA’s at all. It’s screenshots from test + Hive customers OC profiles @ TeamRedMiner


here are my OC’s. 3 64’s and 3 56’s.

the 64’s i can get around 18-1900 out of, but the 56’s crash if i adjust any differnt that this.