Vega 64 is giving invalid shares, tried almost everything, need suggestions

Hello all,

I have a rig with 6 AMD Rx580 and 1 Amd Vega 64.

I have problem with Vega because it is giving me 20 % invalid shares.

So far I tried

  1. Replacing the riser
  2. Trying a high hash rate more power usage OC setting for the card
  3. Tried a relaxed low power usage setting for the card

I have a different 6xVega 64 rig with the same exact card and I am getting 49 MH/sec per card and rarely any invalid shares.

But in this rig, despite I am using less OC I have huge amount of invalid shares.

Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try?


Did you fix this yet? I think I figured out the issue with invalid shares and my Vega 64s.

I have similiar problem with my vega 56 … to many invalid shares … can you help me ?

Yes, try this: AMD Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 (56) Nitro Settings (for those having issues with invalid shares)