Vega and RX mixed rig

hi, i have 4 vega cards and 4 rx 580, i want to do a mixed hiveos rig. Although it recognizes the 8 cards, it only mine with the rx (I have hive os beta). I know there is a version for Vega, and it works perfect but only with Vegas, and I don’t have any more motherboards, so I want to make a mixed rig, is it possible? in theory yes, but has someone succeeded?

Yes, it is possible. I’ve got a rig with 580’s, vega 64 and a 5700xt running using the beta image. All is well with the exception of the vega. It’ll drop from a solid 44mh@133w to 7mh&65w after about 30 mins of mining for some reason.

thanks, same her, too inastable, i am thinking in make a only vega rig, maybe more stable? have you try the vega hive os version?

I have not. I’ve actually have the same issue as you right now, no extra equipment!

Interesting on your mention of instability. The only card that has caused any headache with this mixed rig on my end is the vega.

Works fine for me, i’am also use beta HiveOS image

what miner did you use?


I also have problems with my vega card. I only achieved stability by decreasing the memory clock.

guys, I managed to solve my problem of low memory clock. I erased my dog ​​from memory. I configured the miner to add the overclock in memory.