Vega64 ether problem


I have a problem with 2 Vega64 rig. While it was mining XMR it did without any problems (1400/1100/950mV). Now I switched to ETH (claymore 15)and can’t get them to accept any OC. As soon as I try to configure any OC (cpu, mem, voltage) Vega’s stop to mine or go down to 7MH/s. Without any OC they mine 38MH/s but with 680W!

Any idea, any help…


Let me answer myself. Problem fixed with 0.6-61@190810 version and phoenixminer. Two Vega’s are mining 44.3MHs each at C1200/V950/M1100 and 470W total from wall.


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Try - for me the best drivers for Vega.

49mh, 180w from wall :slight_smile:

Could You please share Your config. Thanks…

amdmemtweak with the correct settings, and OC around 1168/1050-1100/720

Wow! With “–RAS 28 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 5 --RC 44 --RP 12 --RRDS 3 --RRDL 3 --REF 15600 --RFC 248 --FAW 14” I am getting 50.7MHs. Still on 1200/950/1100. I will play later with voltage.

:slight_smile: good job :wink:

same issue. what version of hive should i use (download link please) and how do you set amdmemtweak settings (can you provide step by step please)?

Hello, can you share your OC to me? thanks