Version 0.6-211@211118

After updating from 0.6-211@211116 to 0.6-211@211118 Temps get high and consumption get from 102 to 190w

would like to downgrade to 0.6-211@211116 is it possible?

Thx & Greets

Flashed Drive new, with old File, automatic updated to 0.6-211@211118 again :frowning:

Have to stop till solution.

it looks like your overclocks arent set. what OCs are you running for a 5700xt to draw 200w?

I haven’t set any OC yet. Not with old not with new OS.

Old was running 3 days perfekt without OC.

Like to get back to i t, possible?

Got it:

weired, why it works before and not after the update, and now only with OC settings?!

Managed it to get back to Version 0.6-211@211102 (new flash and starting without network)

Should I update again to 0.6-211@211118? Little scared…

you shouldnt have any issues updating to the latest. i run mine on latest without issue