Wallet config has problem

I first used hiveos to mining Mona coin, which worked perfectly. Today I changed it to RVN and it turned out to be a problem.
No matter how I set it up, it doesn’t work, even deleting mona’s wallet. when i looking at the config, i found that it always fills the old pool address of mona automatically, even the algorithm.
what to do now?
sorry my bad english.

“_note”: “RVN”,
“pools”: [
“user”: “REUAJpCC15FZzx3y2j74SAZaHWgmYHG5Jo.my”,
“url”: “stratum+tcp://mona.f2pool.com:20593”,
“pass”: “”
“api-bind”: “”,
“max-temp”: 85,
“algo”: “lyra2v2”

You might have used Tuninng button on the rig, so it will override wallet config…

Thank you, it is solved now, thank you very much.