Weird Issue - Hive OS going offline every night at the same time


So I have 3 rigs running Hive OS and every night the rigs are dropping off line at 4 AM. Its weird, first two rigs go off at the same time and then 15 mins or so later the last rig drops off line.

The Miner stays up and if I open “Miner” it seems like there is a issue connecting to the pool. But my internet is working? I have another system connected to a different switch and it stay up(Although it is running windows).

Any thoughts?


I’m guess it’s about Claymore’s miner ?


I am using Claymore…


How did you know, common problem? Any solution?


I am also running ccminer, i think that is the one that disconnects 15 mins afterwards…


How did you know, common problem? Any solution?[/quote]
I’m guess something related with devfee and dead pool.
But if we want to make an accurate diagnosis we must look claymore’s log


I have also 3 Rigs using XMR-Stak miner and also my Rigs went offline at same time. Maybe its something wrong with Hiveos?


Didn’t happen last night, fingers crossed it gets fixed…


Happened again this night :frowning: I could ssh to two of my right and did reboot. But cant ssh to my 3. one… If i try to log in with user and PW:1 i get access denied…


maybe ethernet card goes to sleep for power saving.
I had this issue at windows. Solution was here;