What about FLEXPOOL.IO

Hi GPU-Heads,

I looked here in the category, but I didn’t really find anything … it’s about FLEXPOOL.IO :slight_smile:
I came across it a few days ago and the calculation made me curious: with the same difficulty and smaller block reward, I should supposedly earn over 300 euros more per month than at Hiveon. :thinking: Of course, the 3% of HiveOS has not yet been deducted. I mine at 520 MH / s.

Has anyone had any experience with FLEXPOOL.IO and if so, what?

Greetinx, GunZen

With 520MH/s you should be making well over $1000.

You have 2 options to pay in, at least with USD.

  • Pay 3% on HivePool per rig
  • Pay $3 USD per rig

Which if you hypothetically made $1000 per month comes too

  • $1000 USD * 0.03 = $30 USD
  • $3 USD = $3 USD per rig

So even if you have 10 rigs, thats only $30 TOTAL. The idea is to have less that, like <=4. Cause the first 4 are free(3 on HivePool, 1 anywhere)

Unless Im missing something, this just seems obvious. Hope that helps.

Hey :wave:t2: thanks for your reply, but everything you wrote I just know :wink:
For sure I wouldn’t pay the 3% - but even if I do, I would have made much more money than with HiveOS :grin: that’s what I want to say.

It’s all about FLEXPOOL.IO, not Hiveon Pool. Do you have any experience with it?

From my US Based region:

  • Low latency and low errors.
  • When I have compared it to other non-HiveOn Pools, it has produced more ETH per MH/s during the test cycles.
  • Can adjust to a very low payout threshold of 0.01 ETH. Handy if you want to mine to your HiveOS personal account for payment :wink:
  • Functional interface.

Net: Since EIP-1559, I have had at least (1) Rig pointed at Flex continuously.

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any feedback ?
I was thinking about it myself, as I’m already using it to pool mine chia

One of my rigs is mining from now on at FLEXPOOL… :thinking: seem to run stable and fine :+1:t2:

but revenue wise ? :slight_smile:

I’ll see as time goes by… it’s to early to say something about the revenue in comparison to e.g. HiveOn- Pool.

I’m trying 2miner pool atm, with BTC payment to reduce the transaction fees incured by the eth network for each payout
I will report in a few days

Yeah, gas fees sucks :wink: therefore I’m mining directly to Coinbase and let the ETHs in my wallet or transfer a amount of it to BTC!

but how do you do that? even if you set your coinbase ETH address, when the pool transfer you, from eth to eth you’ll get transaction fees right ?

Didn’t u have calculations that you’d make $300 more per month with Flex when compared to HiveOn? What are the calculations? Please share with the community.

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Hey omgwhatarig
You wrote that you mine CHIA. Can you please write how it works? Or send a URL to an article where I can read and learn?
I’ve been watching Chia on Flexpool, but I don’t understand it at all. This is some completely different mining than Ether.
Thanks for the help


I’m also interested in flexpool.
I did some research and found that I need to pay transaction fee when withdraw.

“We don’t charge any additional transaction fees from our side. The only fee you will pay is the network transaction fee, that is static regardless of the transaction value.”

I know network transaction fee is dynamic, but can someone tell me current estimated transaction fee if I use it?

Thank you.

Sorry, but I haven’t done any specified calculations :wink: I think it was just because of an unregulary peak in cause of finding a big block at FLEXPOOL.IO - for now it seems not more or less profitable than mining at Hiveon-Pool.

Totally different beast indeed, you mine on hard drives, you need a massive storage space, and chia still is so low, does not cover the cost of aquisition, maybe not even electricity