What is Teamblack Mİner?

Hello guys i have a questıon about this miner.

I’ve just research TBMiner what happens and i didnt figure out.

I just get that : When we are using others miners like T-Rex NBMiner i just overclock my gpu’s and get invalid shares.So my overclock limit its not very high.Now TBMiner unclock the invalid share just giving us Stale share with high Mh/S . Like 2miners pools or other pools paying us stale share.İf i use miner with that pool (Stale share pay %80 or more).This way we got %5 more.Am i correct ?

Hi. I certainly get more stale shares in TBM over NBminer. I don’t know if TBM pay you for those but reckon the higher hash rate probably compensates in the long run. I note now that Hive has an update re TBM stale shares. If you update to 211118 then maybe that will help you also. I’ve just literally done that.